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I'm a Designer & Illustrator from London and have collaborated on a number of projects with creative agencies, sports clubs, community-focused organisations and private commissions.


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Rhian Wellington is a multi-disciplined creative, with over 10 years of professional experience working in a variety of industries. Based in London, Rhian specialises in graphic design, illustration for digital platforms, print and motion design.

Graduated from Brunel University with a BA Hons. in Industrial Design & Technology, whilst also interning as a Product & Brand Designer

Moved into the Film industry for just over 4 years working in localisation, for major and independent theatrical films. Rhian then began freelancing part-time and moved into social content, designing assets for brands to help boost engagement and promote products and services. Rhian also worked on self-initiated projects that focused more on illustrative work, capturing a variety of creative concepts.

In January 2022, Rhian began working as a freelancer in design and illustration. Gravitating towards sport and socially impactful projects, where she is able to combine creativity with a meaningful message.


"I am very passionate about collaboration and building connections. I enjoy helping people bring ideas and principles to life through my creativity."

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